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Long Battle Scythe

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This product will be released at 1 August 2024

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In the twilight of their years, stories of the two guardsmen were recounted with reverence. One... more
Product information "Long Battle Scythe"

In the twilight of their years, stories of the two guardsmen were recounted with reverence. One had become the city's stalwart protector, the other a folk hero to the downtrodden. Their legacies were as different as the paths they chose, yet both were carved from the same unwavering conviction that had defined their first day in uniform beneath the city's watchful walls.


Gaze at the Long Battle Scythe, an instrument of war born from the fields of toil. With a shaft graced by grooves and a hue that resembles the authenticity of wood, this 240 cm latex polearm echoes the ingenuity of yesteryears' farmers turned warriors. The scythe's curved blade, emulates the grim harvester's tool repurposed for combat. This weapon unites two parts through a threaded bolt system, versatile enough to be wielded as a shorter armament, though make sure to shroud the bolt in protective materials. Tracing its lineage from the hands of ancient Greeks to the Polish soldiers of the Silesian Uprisings, this scythe, more than a mere weapon, is a chronicle of the commoner's valour in the theatre of war.

Epic Circle: Defiant
Height: 240cm
Weight: 1210g
Material: EVA, Latex
Maintenance: For best results apply silicone maintenance spray after each use.
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