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Skull Trophy Mask

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Weight:100 grams / 3,53 oz
Visor Length:20,0 cm
Visor Width:27,0 cm


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Need a quick uniform look for your evil cultists and/or minions?  Epic Armoury's skull... more
Product information "Skull Trophy Mask"

Need a quick uniform look for your evil cultists and/or minions? 

Epic Armoury's skull trophy masks from the EpicEffects range have just landed, and add menace to any large group of people silently lining a hallway or bonfire. 

You'll have victims screaming "No! NO! NOT THE BEES!" in no time!


Your only name is the terrified shriek that stops abruptly when your steel meets flesh, your only color is the sanguine of night. As an assassin, you are nothing more than a mysterious and deadly shadow.

Your reputation precedes you, casting fear over the Seven Marrows. Only the most brutal and skilled warrior would dare to seek your masked face...known only as the horribly grinning skull beneath a hood.


Epic Armoury’s White Skull Trophy Mask is a latex face mask designed to look like a terrifying skull. Made from 100% natural latex, this mask covers the whole face--including over the chin--with roomy holes around the eyes and nose for comfort. The mouth, featuring intimidating fangs and protruding teeth, moves with your jaw to allow for visible and understandable speech.

The mask is set in a permanent glare with impressive sculpted and handpainted details, textured to look like painted bone. Secure the mask to your face using the adjustable elastic. Customize the mask’s appearance with Epic Effects Water-Based Makeup.


  • The word skull is probably derived from Old Norse skalli, which meant bald
  • Created as an easy and visually impressive alternative to undead makeup
Material: Latex
Weight: 100g
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