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Curved Cutlass

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AVAST YE, SCALLYWAG! Screeching gulls circled above our heads as we made our way to the... more
Product information "Curved Cutlass"


Screeching gulls circled above our heads as we made our way to the coast. Our coats were no match for the relentless wind, but our attention was fixed on the flamboyant figures awaiting where waves meet the sand. Their curved cutlasses were drawn, and I understood this would be a standoff with skulls and crossbones, as promised. But my cutlass was sharper!


The Curved Cutlass is an iconic weapon for any naval character or urban character connected to shady establishments at the harbours. The weapon is inspired by designs used during the Age of Sail, which forms the setting in most maritime novels. While a cutlass may fit perfectly in the hands of a pirate, it is worth noting that the versatile design allows application with a wide range of characters, such as bold buccaneers, stout seafarers, decisive dock workers or bodacious bandits. Wealthier characters might instead wield a Curved Sabre. Despite status and station, any decent cutlass should have a story (or several) regarding the acquisition of the weapon. Which ones will you tell the crew?


Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 85cm
Width: 10cm
Weight: 280g
Material: Injected Polyurethane, EVA, Latex
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
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