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Warrior Helmet

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Weight:225 grams / 7,94 oz
Full Height:21,0 cm
Inside Circ:59,0 cm

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You look around at the crumblings ruins of the elven tower, your compatriots only just catching... more
Product information "Warrior Helmet"

You look around at the crumblings ruins of the elven tower, your compatriots only just catching up to you as your look back towards them with a cocky smile before putting on your helmet..


Epic Armoury’s Warrior Helmetis a latex face mask designed to look like a Steel helmet for a Warrior or paladin.. Made from 100% natural latex, this mask covers the whole face with roomy holes around the eyes for comfort.

The face itself is wide with detailed, patterns and cuts to make it look liked staggered metal plates and intricate carvings on steel and a scaled look on the back to make it look like scaled armour. Sculpted and handpainted to look like sturdy steel, wear this mask to appear protected by unique armour against goblins and other terrible foes.

Secure the mask to your. Customize the mask’s appearance with Epic Effects Water-Based Makeup.


  • Inspired by the superhero Spiderman, a crime fighter with spider-like abilities
  • Similar in use to the historical practice of human trophy collecting
Epic Circle: Stygian
Height: 21cm
Width: 57-59cm circumference
Weight: 225g
Material: Latex
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
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