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Caprine Sword

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A warrior, a  true  warrior, is one that sees battles and charges into it roaring. A... more
Product information "Caprine Sword"

A warrior, a true warrior, is one that sees battles and charges into it roaring.
A devout follower of Aries, god of War, you wield his mark and leave it upon the flesh of all who would dare oppose the will of your deity.

Your deity, for as a warrior, you need no other. 

A Blade for the Hearty and Agile Fighter

Epic Armoury’s Caprine Sword is a hybrid LARP sword inspired by fantasy and designed to fit in the hands of the mountainous rangers we so love. Featuring a long latex blade with a deep fuller and a scalloped ricasso, the Caprine is a longsword handmade and hand painted to look like real steel with a brass ram hilt. The pommel is sculpted to look like a cloven hoof.

The Caprine Sword’s blade is made out of soft EVA foam around a 10 mm solid fibreglass rod core--chosen for its durability and safety. It is coated with latex for its smooth appearance and to minimize shredding. The 34 cm handle is made of polyurethane for its high detail, and the 14 cm grip is wrapped in leather.

Inspired by Fantasy

  • Caprine means resembling or relating to a goat
  • Commonly referred to as a “broadsword,” which is actually a historically incorrect term
  • Inspired by the two-handed longsword of the late medieval and Renaissance era
  • The fuller is a groove along the blade that was meant to lighten the sword
Epic Circle: Defiant
Height: 115cm, 100cm
Width: 25cm
Weight: 570g, 450g, 550g
Material: Leather, Injected Polyurethane, Latex, Silicone
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
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