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Aramis Doublet - Dark Grey

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Your small lap dog yaps at the soldiers in their camps. You keep the creature in your arms,... more
Product information "Aramis Doublet - Dark Grey"

Your small lap dog yaps at the soldiers in their camps. You keep the creature in your arms, nestled against your Aramis Doublet, lest it be trampled by inconsiderate feet.

You search amongst the camps, your entourage at your heels. You must find the general and speak your mind. As the lord of this land you have been the one who has paid for the soldier’s food and given them this space for their tents. Your flower garden, however, is now in shambles. Surely something can be done about that.


Epic Armoury’s Dark Grey Doublet Aramis is a snug-fitting long-sleeved jacket designed to give shape to the male body. This doublet covers the torso to the hips and can be worn beneath armour or cloak thanks to the embroidered eyelets along the chest and upper back. The doublet is donned like a jacket and closed on the front with a system of cords, allowing the wearer to customize the tightness of the fit. The sleeves are easily detachable by untying the cords beneath the decorative shoulder tabs, each cord secured through long-lasting brass eyelets.

Thick enough to provide some warmth, this sturdy doublet is constructed with layers of wool and satin. All these layers are stitched together in slimming lines, keeping the doublet form-fitting and mimicking a rich Tudor style.


  • Doublets were originally used as padding beneath armour
  • Doublets became a fashion choice, creating an appealing shape to the male body while holding up the hose using ties
  • Used to provide warmth to the core
Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 66cm, 72cm, 78cm, 62cm
Width: 46cm, 51cm, 63cm, 56cm
Weight: 600g, 560g, 760g, 690g
Material: Cotton, Wool Blend
Maintenance: Delicates wash only. Do not tumble dry.
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