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Curved Sabre

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BEAT TO QUARTERS! The officer regarded his men with resolute determination. On orders, they... more
Product information "Curved Sabre"


The officer regarded his men with resolute determination. On orders, they were about to commandeer the vessel in the bay, but all intelligence pointed towards a direct confrontation with its crew. He sheathed his curved sabre and took a deep breath. The chance of success was considerable, but to minimise losses, the operation would have to be dealt with diligence, skill, and no small degree of tenacity.


The Curved Sabre is a weapon befitting an army or naval officer with inspiration from the Age of Sail. Despite the blade curve, the sword offers the same flexibility and safety as you would expect from any other Epic Armoury weapon. The polyurethane hilt displays rich details that resemble a leather grip on gold-ornamented steel. Less wealthy characters might instead wield a Curved Cutlass. An elegant weapon for the duty-bound, privileged pioneer.

Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
Depth: 5cm
Height: 85cm
Width: 10cm
Weight: 280g
Material: Injected Polyurethane, EVA, Latex
Epic Circle: Sovereign
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