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Coins - Silver Lions

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You hold your knife between your teeth, keeping it accessible while your hands are busy picking... more
Product information "Coins - Silver Lions"

You hold your knife between your teeth, keeping it accessible while your hands are busy picking a noble’s unguarded luggage. Leaving anything valuable without a guard is like an invitation to steal least that’s been your experience.

With a satisfying ‘click!’ the lock comes undone and you pry the chest open to reveal--oh, yes! That will do nicely. You pocket what looks to be a sizeable purse of Silver Lions and a few interesting looking weapons, before carefully replacing the lock and sneaking out of the tent undetected.


Epic Armoury's new Silver Lion Coins are 3.1 cm diameter metal discs designed to serve as in-game currency for your game world. With a lion engraved on one side and the Epic Armoury logo on the other, these copper-finished coins are made to be durable and attractive. Silver Lion Coins feel heavy in your hand, seeming more valuable than flimsy alternatives.

Improve the immersion of your game by using these detailed coins for treasure and currency. Purchase your own stash in order to fill your royal coffers and appear as rich as your character claims, or use them to stock your NPC’s pockets in the form of desirable loot.


  • The first coins were developed around the 8th and 7th centuries B.C.
  • The Romans had a standardized currency that lasted until the Middle Ages
  • Originally, coins were valued the same as their actual metal content
  • During the mid-19th century, coins were minted with base metals and valued more than their actual material worth
Weight: 7g
Width: 31mm
Depth: 3mm
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