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Potion of Resistance

Potion of Resistance
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The  Potion of Resistance  is a captivatingly sleek ceramic flask that will immerse... more
Product information "Potion of Resistance"

The Potion of Resistance is a captivatingly sleek ceramic flask that will immerse you in a realm of mystique and heroic alchemy. Fill it with a fortifying elixir or store empowering potion ingredients inside.


The Potion of Resistance is crafted from high-quality glass, embodying the steadfast and protective essence of its contents. The cork stopper adds to its charm. Compact, easy to carry, and store, this flask is an essential companion for those who seek courage and strength in their magical pursuits.

N.B.: Liquid not included and for illustrative purposes only.

Height: 18cm
Width: 5cm
Weight: 310g
Material: Ceramic
Maintenance: Avoid dropping on hard surfaces., Insides require periodic sterilization., NOT dishwasher suitable.
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