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Potion of Mana

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 The  Potion of Mana  is a flask with a classic video-game-inspired design,... more
Product information "Potion of Mana"

 The Potion of Mana is a flask with a classic video-game-inspired design, crafted for adventurers who harness the power of magic. Made from high-quality glass, this compact and portable flask captures the essence of magical energy embodied in its contents. The cork stopper adds a touch of authenticity.

The Potion of Mana is an essential accessory for adventurers who rely on magic to conquer their foes and achieve their goals. Whether you're a cosplayer, LARPer, or flask collector, this potion flask will make a valuable addition to your collection. Fill it with your own personalized mana elixir, or use it to store potion ingredients.


N.B.: Liquid not included and for illustrative purposes only.

Height: 5cm
Width: 5cm
Weight: 100g
Material: Glass
Maintenance: Avoid dropping on hard surfaces., Insides require periodic sterilization., NOT dishwasher suitable.
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