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Potion of Wisdom

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The  Potion of Wisdom  is a distinguished rectangular glass flask that will store... more
Product information "Potion of Wisdom"

The Potion of Wisdom is a distinguished rectangular glass flask that will store wisdom from all parts of the world within it. Fill it with an enlightening elixir or store thought-provoking potion ingredients inside.

The Potion of Wisdom is crafted from high-quality glass, embodying the profound and perceptive essence of its contents. The cork stopper adds a touch of authenticity to its charm. Compact, easy to carry, and store, this flask is indispensable for those who seek to broaden their horizons and unravel the mysteries of the arcane in their magical pursuits.

N.B.: Liquid not included and for illustrative purposes only.

Height: 10cm
Width: 5cm
Weight: 200g
Material: Glass
Maintenance: Avoid dropping on hard surfaces., Insides require periodic sterilization., NOT dishwasher suitable.
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