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Demi Gauntlets - Epic Dark

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Intimidation. It’s your main form of weaponry while facing the heroes, because it gives you... more
Product information "Demi Gauntlets - Epic Dark"

Intimidation. It’s your main form of weaponry while facing the heroes, because it gives you full control. When your enemies fear you, they are more likely to make fatal mistakes.

Your armour is as dark as your intentions, hardened by the evil magic your subjects provide. Your Hourglass Demi Gauntlets allow you to withdraw your sword with ease, sizing up the quivering soldier who feels brave enough to stand against you. You begin to laugh. This will be a very brief fight--if you can even call it that. The little man looks barely strong enough to hold up his hammer.


Epic Armoury’s Hourglass Demi Gauntlets are a set of galvanised mild steel gloves designed to protect the wrist and back of the hand in combat without compromising manoeuvrability. Each gauntlet is forged to fit comfortably over the hand, overlapping the first knuckles with a thick metal plate decorated with metal rivets. A short vambrace protects the wrist.

The steel fits comfortably over your own leather glove, worn through the vambrace opening and secured with a leather band around the palm. Made from mild steel with rolled edges, each gauntlet is treated with Epic Armoury’s Epic Dark Metal coat to give the armour a rugged, antique finish. These demi gauntlets are impressive and affordable. With its low-fantasy and neutral appearance, these Hourglass Demi Gauntlets are easily paired with other Epic Armoury metal works.


  • Various forms of gauntlets have been around for millennia, but reached a pinnacle during the early renaissance
  • Historically used by soldiers and knights and considered an essential piece of armour
  • Demi gauntlets allowed better dexterity than a full gauntlet, while sacrificing the safety of the fingers
Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 14cm
Width: 9cm
Weight: 625g
Material: Leather, 19ga Mild Steel
Maintenance: Regularly apply lanolin based lubricant for best results.
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