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Sword Hanger for Sword Belt

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Genevieve was tired, hungry, and, most of all, angry. The others dragged her out here to waylay... more
Product information "Sword Hanger for Sword Belt"

Genevieve was tired, hungry, and, most of all, angry. The others dragged her out here to waylay a coach with a wealthy noble, but the coach still wasn't in sight. It was constantly raining and the wind and hunger made her shiver like a newborn lamb. She'd just about had enough. "Quiet, you fools! The carriage is coming," one of the others whispered. And a few moments later, the carriage moved into view, a ghostly white apparition against the fog and the rain. As promised, there were no guards. Drawing her sword from the belt hanger, Genevieve shouted, "Halt! Your gold or your lives!


Epic Armoury's Sword Belt Hanger is made from supple leather and lined with suede and designed to fit the Sword Belt and the Laced Sword Belt . The adjustable and movable straps can be worn on either side for both left-hand and right-hand swordfighters. The suede lining provides a slight friction so that a sword isn't accidentally dropped but requires a purposeful draw to grab. The opening of the Sword Belt Hanger measures 7 cm by 3 cm, but as the leather is very supple, it can accommodate most swords. If you rather want a full scabbard, we have made the Sword Belt Hanger, in a full version, here it Sword Belt Scabbard.

Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 31cm
Width: 8cm
Weight: 295g
Material: Leather
Maintenance: Use leather wax regularly to prolong product life. Only clean using proper leather soap, following instructions closely.
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