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RFB Veteran Bracers

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LET ME TELL YOU A WAR STORY, LADDIE… Whether a novice or a veteran you rely on sturdy armour... more
Product information "RFB Veteran Bracers"


Whether a novice or a veteran you rely on sturdy armour to protect you. Epic Armoury's RFB Veteran Bracers are elegant leather bracers designed to protect the forearms. The armour is constructed from chrome-tanned split leather and carefully stitched around the edges to create a simple yet aesthetic design. The armour is secured to the arm by sturdy leather straps and brass buckles.

 Hemmed with additional soft split leather to keep the armour from deforming with excessive wear, this arm-guard will withstand any LARP abuse, you might force on it. The bracers match our Veteran Armour and Greaves, but have a distinct, neutral style that will fit with almost any combination of costuming, when you craft your LARP kit for your next adventure.


Available in colours Black and Brown, and size S-M or L-XL.



  • Unlike popular belief, arm protection was only called a “bracer” if it was meant to protect the forearm of an archer
  • Forearm protection not intended for an archer would have been called a “vambrace” or “forearm guard”
Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 25cm, 23cm
Width: 23cm, 25cm
Weight: 250g, 375g
Material: Leather, Suede
Maintenance: Use leather wax regularly to prolong product life. Only clean using proper leather soap, following instructions closely.
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