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Hybrid Falcatta

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You have the Falcata in your well trained hand, so you not afraid of the oncoming Roman army.... more
Product information "Hybrid Falcatta"

You have the Falcata in your well trained hand, so you not afraid of the oncoming Roman army. Should you fall, it will only be after you’ve taken many of their own warriors--your glorious weapon in hand. Better than any regular blade, it strikes with the force of a heavy axe through your enemy’s legionnaire armour.

Thanks to the perfectly shaped grip, you are able to dexterously swing your blade. The Legion feels your wrath.


Epic Armoury’s Falcata is a single-edged latex medium sword inspired by weapons used by the ancient Iberian mercenaries. The blade is shaped to act like both an axe head and thrusting sword, delivering powerful blows, while still stabbing and jabbing like the best of them. The Falcata is handmade and hand painted to look like real steel, wood, and gold embellishments--while being made from safe, soft foam. The 10 cm grip at the end of the Falcata is realistically molded and hooked around the hand, much like the traditional weapon..

The blade is made from durable closed cell foam around a solid 8 mm fibreglass core, built to keep you safe! It is finished with a strong latex coating. The grip is a polyurethane cast that requires no maintenance, meaning you’ll enjoy using this sword at your LARP game for many seasons!


  • The term ‘falcata’ was actually coined in the 19th century to describe the blade shape of this ancient weapon
  • Was used by the ancient Iberians
Epic Circle: Ancient
Height: 85cm, 60cm
Width: 6cm
Weight: 360g, 240g
Material: Injected Polyurethane, EVA, Latex
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
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