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Celtic Gloves Leather - Epic Black

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You clench your fist just as it meets your opponent’s jaw, and he falls heavily at your feet in... more
Product information "Celtic Gloves Leather - Epic Black"

You clench your fist just as it meets your opponent’s jaw, and he falls heavily at your feet in the ring. You flex your hands and shake out the sting, Celtic Suede Gloves having protected your knuckles from the worst of it.

The crowd cheers your name as the next opponent steps tentatively into the ring. You crack your knuckles and watch your opponent flinch. It’s good to be a winner.


Epic Armoury’s Epic Black Celtic Gloves Leather are fingerless leather gloves with short cuffs. They are made from black dyed leather and stitched at all joints around the fingers, wrists and edges. This stitching improves the strength of the material by preventing it from deforming with heavy use or from exposure to the environment. The fit of the gloves can be adjusted with a leather strap around the wrist.

These gloves are fully compatible with other Epic Armoury metal and leather items and particularly match our more cunning designs. Their low-fantasy look and moderate style can be used with a multitude of settings, allowing freedom to create your own unique costume.


  • Leather has been used for gloves for thousands of years
  • Leather gloves were used for a better grip on tools and to protect the hands
Epic Circle: Stalwart
Height: 20cm, 16cm, 17cm
Width: 10cm, 11cm
Weight: 100g, 95g, 115g, 105g
Material: Suede
Maintenance: Use leather wax regularly to prolong product life. Only clean using proper leather soap, following instructions closely.
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