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Rusted Raider Shield

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RAMSHACKLE GEAR Taking its inspiration in the shape of the crescent-like shields used by the... more
Product information "Rusted Raider Shield"


Taking its inspiration in the shape of the crescent-like shields used by the Peltasts in Ancient Greece, Epic Armoury’s Raider Shield is a half-moon shaped shield designed with ruinous raiders and warmongers in mind. Sculpted and hand painted, one side shows of a hammered metal finish, the other a smooth dark surface. To give the shield a used look rusty effects have been added, and triangular rivets around the edges help give the impression, that this shield has been modified and reinforced using scavenged materials. The two rings pierced through the top corner of the shield are great details that adds to its character and makes this product distinguishable from most other shields. .

The Raider Shield will work just as well for a goblin invader or a brutal orc from a high fantasy realm as it will for a pillaging bandit or a dark knight

Crafted from durable closed cell foam and coated with latex, this shield is more than ready for LARP battle. The tri-position grip and adjustable buckle straps found on the inner side will make sure you maintain a secure grip as you bash your way through your foes.


  • A ‘pelte shield’ was a crescent-shaped shield used by light infantry as their main protection
  • Originated in Thrace and Paeonia in Ancient Greece
  • Made from wicker and covered in goat- or sheepskin
Epic Circle: Ruinous
Height: 90cm
Width: 45cm
Material: EVA, Latex
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
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