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Trophy Ears

Trophy Ears
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A whole head is clearly overkill and frankly, just creepy. Everyone knows that normal... more
Product information "Trophy Ears"

A whole head is clearly overkill and frankly, just creepy.
Everyone knows that normal battlefield trophies are a perfectly acceptable ear hung around the neck in a garrish fashion.

The humans are short lived and greedy creatures, like lice infecting the world with their disease-ridden numbers. That’s why you kill every human you ever come across.

You keep a collection of human ears, hung from leather around your neck. You want those lousy men to fear you and your ferocious might. Wearing your Human Trophy Ear around your neck has caused quite a commotion in the human ranks.


Epic Armoury’s Human Trophy Ear is a gruesome latex accessory designed to look like the round ear of a humanoid foe. Made from 100% natural latex and stuffed with cotton to give it mass and texture, this ear adornment can be hung as a talisman from a belt or neck using its leather cord. It is sure to create fear--and hatred--in the hearts of your enemies.

The Human Trophy Ear is sculpted and handpainted to appear as if it has been cut off from flesh. Thickened, rough edges along the base look like clots of blood coagulated from the wound. This trophy ear is skin-coloured with shaded creases. It can be carefully dry-brushed or customized using Epic Effects Makeup.


  • Similar in use to the historical practice of human trophy collecting
  • Remains of the deceased were collected to demonstrate dominance or to commemorate
Height: 12cm, 10cm, 9cm, 8cm
Width: 3cm, 2cm
Weight: 20g, 12g, 14g, 16g, 22g
Material: Leather, Cotton, Latex
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