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Goblin Half Mask

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You laugh your high pitched, sandpapery laugh as the battle begins. There are hundreds of... more
Product information "Goblin Half Mask"

You laugh your high pitched, sandpapery laugh as the battle begins. There are hundreds of people fighting, but you are safely away from it all in a tall tree. You watch as though at a show. Thankfully, as a goblin, you are not involved in the human’s war.

Of course, just because you’re not fighting doesn’t mean that you didn’t start the fight in the first place. You rather enjoy instigating such entertainment! A few choice words and a few heated tempers was all it took.


Epic Armoury’s Goblin Half Face is a latex prosthetic molded to create an expression suitable for a conniving goblin or witch. Designed to cover from ear to ear, this prosthetic is applied over the nose to add a sharp pointed version with large nostrils. Large contact surfaces allow for plenty of surface area in which to securely and safely glue the latex to the wearer’s skin.

The Goblin Half Face prosthetic is made from thick 100% natural high-quality latex, making it strong and durable, ensuring long life and extended reuse. Application of this prosthetic is easy using Epic Effect Prosthetic Power Glue, Mastix Spirit Gum or other prosthetic adhesive.

The Package contains instructions in English and French.

This Goblin Half Face comes in green, but can easily be painted to match the style you desire using Epic Effects Make-Ups.


  • Goblins first appeared in stories during the Middle Ages
  • Typically described as small, greedy creatures with magical abilities
  • English word, goblin, is first recorded in the 14th century
Epic Circle: Ruinous
Weight: 30g
Material: Latex
Maintenance: Store in cold, dark location to prolong shelf life
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