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Thieves Tools

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Good for picking ye olde locks. Available in two stylish colours, you rogue! You hold your... more
Product information "Thieves Tools"

Good for picking ye olde locks.
Available in two stylish colours, you rogue!

You hold your knife between your teeth, keeping it accessible while your hands are busy using your Thieves Tools to pick a noble’s unguarded luggage. Leaving anything valuable without a guard is like an invitation to steal least that’s been your experience.

With a satisfying ‘click!’ the lock comes undone and you pry the chest open to reveal--oh, yes! That will do nicely. You pocket what looks to be a sizeable purse and a few interesting looking weapons, before carefully replacing the lock and sneaking out of the tent undetected.


Epic Armoury’s Thieves Tools are a collection of steel and brass tools designed to pick locks or disable traps. The set includes a lock pick, mini saw, functional brass magnifying glass, universal key and a tiny hammer.

Keep all your Thieves Tools safe by storing them in the included holder made from soft, split-leather. Secure the holder closed using its top-grain leather strap, and keep it handy by attaching it to your belt using its hanger. Whether you are a rogue looking to make an easy coin, or an adventurer who wants to be ready for the most dangerous dungeons, the Thieves Tool set is a great prop to have!


  • Lockpicking has been around since the first locks, as both a criminal act and a hobby
  • King Louis XVI of France was a designer, picker, and manipulator of locks
Epic Circle: Defiant
Height: 19cm
Width: 5cm
Weight: 370g
Material: Leather, Brass, Steel
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