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Imperial Quiver - Suede

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Whispers of a darkened beast threatening the realm reached his ears, stirring a resolve within... more
Product information "Imperial Quiver - Suede"

Whispers of a darkened beast threatening the realm reached his ears, stirring a resolve within him. Each arrow in his quiver wasn't just a weapon but a promise of protection, a vow to safeguard his home. The quiver, adjustable and secure, seemed to understand his mission, its suede perfectly moulded to his form, ensuring no sound as he moved through the underbrush. As the beast loomed ahead, Caelum's thoughts raced. Doubt whispered, but the weight of his quiver, snug against his back, spoke of strength and readiness. With a steady hand and a heart full of courage, he let loose the arrow.


The Imperial Quiver from Epic Armoury is a versatile and adjustable quiver that can hold many arrows.
Designed for LARP, it's made of fine suede, available in black or brown, and beige canvas and fits most LARP arrows. The quiver's suede cord lacing can be tightened or loosened for a secure fit, and the long suede belt comes with a brass-plated iron buckle, making it possible to wear it over either shoulder. An additional strap around the chest ensures the quiver stays in place.
This neutral-style quiver matches other Epic Armoury leather, suede and faux-leather items, making it suitable for any archer character.

Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 58cm
Width: 21cm
Weight: 610g
Material: Suede, Brass, Canvas
Maintenance: Use leather wax regularly to prolong product life. Only clean using proper leather soap, following instructions closely.
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