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Rolling Pin

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You’ve been baking all day, preparing the meat pies sold in your shop window. Flour cakes your... more
Product information "Rolling Pin"

You’ve been baking all day, preparing the meat pies sold in your shop window. Flour cakes your arms up to your elbows, and as you wipe at your forehead with the back of your hand, you leave more flour on your face. As you prepare another crust, you see a pair of small hands nabbing a pie from your counter.

You are well versed in pie-thieves, and wielding your Rolling Pin, you thwack the would-be thief across the knuckles. The halfling squeals in pain, running out the shop door as you return to baking. Good riddance!


Epic Armoury’s Rolling Pin is a coreless prop that can be especially handy in emergency homestead defense, or teaching pie-thieves and lazy, good-for-nothings a lesson. Life-sized, this pin is 42 cm long with 10 cm handles on either side. Handpainted and sculpted, this Rolling Pin appears to be made of real wood.

Made from coreless durable closed cell foam and finished with a strong latex coating, you can feel confident that this throwing weapon will provide the safety and appeal you want when crafting your kit.


  • Used to shape and flatten dough as a food preparation tool
  • Seen wielded by angry housewives in cliché humor
Height: 40cm
Depth: 10cm
Width: 10cm
Maintenance: For best results, maintain with silicone after each game
Weight: 85g
Material: EVA, Latex
Epic Circle: Sovereign
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