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Archers Glove

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When placing order, please note in memo field at checkout which hand you require this for... more
Product information "Archers Glove"

When placing order, please note in memo field at checkout which hand you require this for (wearing on right hand or wearing on left hand) to avoid confusion.

Your horse gallops out onto the fields of a vast plain, chasing after the few orcs fleeing from your arrows. Your horsebow gleams beneath the sunlight, and every arrow you let fly finds its mark. With balance and elven grace, you reach for another arrow in your quiver.

The orcs made a mistake when they entered your family’s forest. You successfully taunted their scouting party into a trap, and now all that is left is a little cleanup.


Epic Armoury’s Hand Protection is designed to protect an archer from the bowstring and arrow during use. Handmade from durable chrome-tanned leather, this glove covers the index finger to the thumb of the left-hand. When used on the bow-hand, this glove will fit around the bow and cover the exposed skin that would otherwise risk injury from arrow feathers or recoiling bowstrings.

This Hand Protection’s edges have been stitched to improve the product’s structure and to increase its lifetime. Adjust this glove using a velcro closure around the wrist. Perfect for archers or someone wanting to look the part.


  • Archery has been used by cultures all over the world, predating recorded history
  • Serves a similar use to the historical bracer, and is similar in appearance to a finger tab
Height: 15cm, 14cm, 13.5cm, 17.5cm
Weight: 10g, 9g, 13g
Material: Leather
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