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Undershirt - Red

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You are small inside the Undershirt that once fit you perfectly--the unfortunate side effect of... more
Product information "Undershirt - Red"

You are small inside the Undershirt that once fit you perfectly--the unfortunate side effect of a difficult winter. You tighten your belt another notch, frowning at the watered-down soup over the fire. You and your family aren’t sure you’re going to have enough food. As you consider ways you might be able to afford some meat--maybe you can do some work for a merchant in town?--there’s an anxious knock on the door.

“Raiders!” shouts the messenger on your doorstep. “Raiders are coming! Every able person is being called to fight!”

Suddenly an empty belly is the least of your worries.


Epic Armoury’s Undershirt is a loose, lightweight, and versatile shirt with a raglan neckline that reaches from the shoulders to the hips. Made from light cotton, this shirt’s neckline is adjustable using a double set of drawstrings, allowing you the freedom to wear the shirt tightly around the neck or draped across the shoulders. Drawstrings at the wrists also allow you to wear the sleeves hanging loose or tied tight at the wrists.

The Undershirt is an excellent undergarment for all genders, and can also be worn as an overshirt. This shirt is fully compatible with Epic Armoury’s other clothes and armours, and the style will fit with a broad variety of characters and genres.


  • Shirts began as a form of undergarments for men in the 7th-10th centuries
  • Considered more of a Renaissance-era fashion for men with its billowy sleeves
  • Traditionally worn as an underlayer beneath a doublet or vest
Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 67cm, 95cm, 82cm
Width: 77cm, 65cm, 53cm
Weight: 320g, 260g, 360g
Material: Cotton
Maintenance: Gentle machine wash - air dry
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