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Elf Ear Hood

Elf Ear Hood
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The way the humans look at you, you would assume they have never seen an elven child before.... more
Product information "Elf Ear Hood"

The way the humans look at you, you would assume they have never seen an elven child before. Granted, it isn’t often that you travel into cities. You prefer the tranquil sounds of the forest, away from the stench and chaos of busy human streets.

However, you have business with a certain wizard in town. So while your elven garb--Elf Ear Hood, tunic, and weapons--cause you to stand out amongst the crowd, you continue without raising a fuss. After all, they are only short-lived creatures. They don’t know any better than to stare.


Epic Armoury’s Elf Ears Hood is a wool blend hat with detailed latex elf ears attached. This hat covers the entire head, providing great warmth to otherwise cold ears. Embellished with large stitching around the edges, this wool felt hat has a playful appearance thanks to the curved point on top.

Wear this hood by simply slipping it onto your head--it’s easy and comfortable. The Elf Ear Hood is a perfect solution when you find latex ears uncomfortable or impossible to use, creating an elven look without needing sticky adhesive. Also a great option for people who require quick costume changes from elf to human.


  • Elves were originally a creation of Germanic mythology and folklore
  • Inspired by high-fantasy genre games such as Dungeons & Dragons and J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series
Epic Circle: Ethereal
Weight: 250g
Material: Latex, Wool Blend
Maintenance: Delicates wash only. Do not tumble dry.
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