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Edrahil Cape - Black

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When you want something done, you only have to point and speak your command. “Go, servant,... more
Product information "Edrahil Cape - Black"

When you want something done, you only have to point and speak your command. “Go, servant, fetch me water!” you say. “Dispatch these rogues,” you bark.

Dressed in your Edrahil Cape, you have a particularly influential appearance, the fabric flowing behind you as you stroll through the castle grounds. It’s good to be a noble, isn’t it?


Epic Armoury’s Epic Black Cape Edrahil is a knee-length cape with a high collar and pleated fabric. The design is meant to serve as a fashion accessory, a top layer of style that gives structure to the shoulders and an air of authority. Made from black cotton and cut to include extra billowing fabric pleated at the shoulders, this cape features an open front so that your hands are left unimpeded while fighting--or ordering your guards to fight for you. Its high-ranking appearance makes for a great accessory for a variety of Renaissance or fantasy costumes, especially nobility or officers.

The Cape Edrahil is a powerful cut with longer sides. Secure the cape by overlapping the collar in front of the neck and tying its leather ties through the top leather patch.


  • One of the oldest garments known to humanity
  • Common fashion in medieval Europe
Epic Circle: Ethereal
Height: 145cm
Weight: 650g
Material: Cotton Blend
Maintenance: Delicates wash only. Do not tumble dry.
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