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Cloak Pin - Omega

Cloak Pin - Omega
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Need something to keep your cloak closed and don't want to use rope like a hobo or monk? or a... more
Product information "Cloak Pin - Omega"

Need something to keep your cloak closed and don't want to use rope like a hobo or monk? or a mobo?!

Then get yourself a cloak pin!

Available in three different styles for varying levels of fanciness.

The snows have come, but despite the cold your village still depends on you to defend it from hungry raiders. The northern winters can be harsh, making men and women particularly desperate.

Thankfully, your cape is secure thanks to your Cloak Pin, and it keeps you warm. You keep the hood over your head as you patrol the walls, pulling it close to keep away the biting wind. At least it is easy to spot incoming trouble against the pure white of snow. You’ll see anyone coming.


Epic Armoury’s Cloak Pin - Omega is a durable metal pin inspired by the historical penannular brooch. Made from a black iron ring and bar, use this pin to close your cloak by sliding the bar through both layers of pinned fabric and securing the bar with the ring.

The Cloak Pin is an authentic accessory that adds a special detail to your costume beyond just a simple leather cord or frog on your cloak.


  • Cloak pins were found in female burial sites of Ancient Celtic women
  • Inspired by the Celtic penannular brooch which was popular in Ireland and Scotland, and later adopted by the Scandinavians
Epic Circle: Stalwart
Weight: 65g
Material: Iron
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