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IDV Fletching – Silver

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  • IDV-00009
You wait silently in the bushes, your men scattered about in the boughs of the trees. Slowly... more
Product information "IDV Fletching – Silver"

You wait silently in the bushes, your men scattered about in the boughs of the trees. Slowly the carriage trundles towards you, the guards are unaware and half asleep. They should know better, because this is your forest and you own this section of road.

The noble inside the carriage is fat and wealthy, a perfect target. You and your men will feast well this night upon what lies in the carriage’s coffers. You need only to fire your bow.


This Silver Fletching for Larp Arrows is designed by iDV Engineering, the leading archery crafters in the LARP industry. Created to match iDV flathead and round head arrows and bolts, this flexible silver-coloured elastomer fletching is a replacement in case of wear and tear on your original. Simply slide the rubber-like tube over the end of your arrow, adding a drop of adhesive if necessary.

iDV Fletching is designed to stabilize your arrow while in flight, preventing the arrow from turning and hitting the target with the shaft or nock--a very important safety measure! For this reason, a damaged or missing fletching must be replaced before an arrow can be used.


  • Used in cultures all over the world, predating recorded history
  • Modern reconstruction of a historical arrow nocks
Height: 12cm
Width: 3cm diameter
Weight: 3g
Material: elastomer
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