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Elven Tunic - Black

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Despite the intricacies of their magic and the legion of unspoken and inviolate laws of Elvish... more
Product information "Elven Tunic - Black"

Despite the intricacies of their magic and the legion of unspoken and inviolate laws of Elvish court... the fair folk often prefer to dress simply while adventuring. The Elven Tunic suits that need well and provide maneuverability and comfort.

The underdark is your domain. In the pitch blackness, the smell of damp earth all around, you wait with your raiding party. When night falls on the lands above, you will emerge.

The sun-lovers have come to fear you and the silence in which you strike. With your distinctive leather gear and comfortable Elven Tunic, you are able to maneuver in the shadows until your target is exactly where you want him. You are formidable. You are the assassin.


Epic Armoury’s Elven Tunic is a long-sleeved embroidered shirt designed in an elven style, with a narrow V-shaped neckline. Reaching from the shoulders to the knees and made from soft, dyed cotton, this tunic can be a costume all by itself--or work as a base layer in a more complicated design. Move around the forest easily thanks to an A-cut at the front of the hem, and feel relieved to know that the narrow cuffs won’t get in the way of your Elven Bow. Embellished with elven-inspired embroidery and matching edging along the neck, this elven cut tunic is an essential and long-lasting piece in any costuming wardrobe.


  • Historically worn by a great variety of people and cultures--with many different types of cuts!
  • The name derives from the Latin tunica, the basic garment worn by both men and women in Ancient Rome
  • Generally considered a male garment and was still worn in Norway until the 17th century
Epic Circle: Stygian
Height: 93cm, 112cm, 103cm
Width: 51cm, 44cm, 56cm
Weight: 360g, 500g, 460g
Material: Cotton
Maintenance: Delicates wash only. Do not tumble dry.
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