Back In Stock Notification

Dear Customers,

Please note that the Epic Armoury Australia site now have the capability to automatically notify you via email when products arrive back in stock.

While we endeavour to keep stock levels accurate, and have those displayed on the website beneath the price of items when you click through for more details on items, we know it can be frustrating when thigns stay at zero stock for prolonged periods.

While we still recommend pre-ordering products that are at zero stock, rather than waiting until they are actively back in stock (this really does help us know what kind of quantities we need to import), you can now rest easier knowing you won't have to pay up front for stock that may not arrive for some time. 

Remaining Error: Please note that there is an error that remains with display of stock levels when attempting to purhase item combinations.
Combination quantities will display as whichever item you are selecting the combination through.
i.e. You intend to purchase the RFB Arms & LEgs combo, and we have 3 sets of arms and 5 sets of legs.
If you are selecting the combo via the arms, it will display that there are 3 combos available. If you select it via the legs, it will display there are 5 combos available. 
This is obviously incorrect as we can only fulfil 3 combo sets.

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