Bulk Purchasing for Warbands

As many of you are aware, particularly those in managerial positions for games or even just warbands, we will quite happily arrange bulk purchasing at a discounted rate.

Part of the reason we can manage that versus our already low rates is because we can factor it into our shipping, which we keep low by doing via sea freight. The down side to this is that it also can take an incredibly long time. With so many long form event LARPS scheduled to happen in September this year, we feel we need notify the customer base that the deadline for ordering to get these bulk purchases into Australia in time for these long form events is rapidly approaching.

Our next monthly order is getting placed on July 1st - this stock is expected to arrive in the 2nd week of September.
... provided nothing happens to delay it excessively.

If you need to make a bulk purchase for your Landsknecht Company or Skaven Swarm at Blood & Gold, or for your Orc Horde or Starbarian Tribe at Call of the Gods you now have two weeks to get in touch with us to finalise those needs. We can do more than just our basic weapons, armour,  and clothing if you let us know your requirements.

If all this is news to you, and you are a warband leader or organiser of a local LARP grooup and want to know, please use our contact form - https://epicarmoury.com.au/contact

We'll see you on the battlefield - You Epic Armoury Australia team.

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