Discontinued items as of July 2019

At Epic Armoury we pride ourselves on regularly updating designs and bringing you new items for your enjoyment.

However this does mean retiring older designs that aren't as popular as we'd have hoped them to be.

Some of these products still have some stock left available at our primary warehouse in Denmark, so you will still be able to order them until such time as the stock reaches zero, so you can still purchase them. If we miss out we will obviously refund your order once we're aware that it can no longer be fulfilled. We'll be putting up a handy "DISCONTINUED" sticker on the thumbnails of the relevant products.

To prevent you from accidentally ordering products or variants that are definitely no longer available we will be turning off the ability to add them to cart. Please note we will not be deleting the products from the site, as numerous products have been brought back from the dead by popular demand in true LARP drama fashion.

The following is a list of products that are discontinued as of the beginning of the 2019/20 financial year:


Code Discontinued Products - Some stock still available from Denmark unless highlighted red
110601 female armour red-brown
110603 female armour red-black
110801 dark elf corset black-white
110803 dark elf corset black-brown
201236 crusader helmet
220301 RFB neck and shoulders beige
220302 RFB neck and shoulders black
300122 elf ear hood
300245 rfb cape orange
300246 rfb cape red
300301 rfb mantle beige
300302 rfb mantle black
300511 undershirt
300512 undershirt brown
300517 dorian vest black
300518 dorian vest grey
300519 dorian vest blue
300525 godfrey cape green twill
300526 godfrey cape brown twill
300713 runa dress green
300740 elven tunic black
300777 magician robe green
300779 magician robe blue
300784 kimono black
300786 kimono red
300787 kimono white
301143 landsknecht pants green white
310501 pirate shirt beige
310504 empire shirt beige
310504 empire shirt beige
310505 empire shirt black
310505 empire shirt black
310506 ladies vest grey
310507 ladies vest red
330501 shirt samy black
330706 childrens shift blue
330709 freya dress beige
330710 freya dress red
330711 freya dress blue
330712 childrens shift green
330714 runa dress red
331103 sammy pants brown
331104 sammy pants beige
402006 roman
402418 orc big axe
402826 orc spear
402829 staff mace
403015 lion shield green
403019 checkered shield red
403023 lorian shield
403028 templar shield red and white
403030 templar shield red and gold
403033 imperial shield
403042 gladiator shield red
403043 gladiator shield wood
403045 star shield
403046 marauder shield
403075 roman shield
403503 vibro sword
403517 vibro glaive
403521 lead pipe 190
403524 vibro axe
403525 vibro hammer
442103 sabre 60
442106 jian 75
442109 hybrid cutlass 70
442111 small sword 60
442113 trench knife 60
442401 dwarven single 85
442402 dwarven double 85
442403 sabre 85
442406 jian 90
442409 hybrid cutlass 85
442413 trench knife 85
442415 noble 85
442501 dwarven single 105
442502 dwarven double 105
442503 sabre 100
442506 Jian 105
442515 noble 105
514619 skinned dwarf trophy mask
514623 broken doll mask
514626 copper berserker mask
514628 web face mask
10051151 samurai armour red
10051251 samurai armour black
30030600 regulus cape green
51421355 mutant mask beige
51421950 scarface zombie mask beige
51422050 scarface zombie mask grey
51422150 open brain zombie mask
51422250 open brain zombie mask with hair
51422355 big rotten zombie mask
51422450 half skin face zombie mask
51422555 mutant mask grey
51423450 open brain zombie mask unpainted
51423555 big rotten zombie mask unpainted
30013* baldur caps
30080* azog loincloth
31110* basic skirts
if-200413 king bracers
if-200611 king backplate
if-300210 basic cape black
if-300230 exclusive cape green
if-402403 executioner
if-800722 leather king set
  RFB BASIC hybrid line
  black latex
101219 Viking sandals
110602 female leather armour black
200312 king pauldrons
200754 king armour set
200912 king tassets
201237 crusader helmet dark
300118 medieval hood blue
300251 wizard robe black
301124 samurai pants red
310705 peasant dress white
330701 childrens dress green
330702 childrens dress blue
402019 cutlass
402084 jian classic
402108 machete
402109 celtic longknife
402324 trident dagger
402507 dark elven warclub
402607 orc big hammer
402820 bardiche
402823 dark elven staff
403016 lionshield red
403044 raider shield
452008 dark elven hunter
10162x 600ml water bottles with leather skins
if-101514 5x throwing knife holder black
if-101515 5x throwing knife holder brown
if-300411 gambeson arms beige
if-301011 gambeson legs beige
if-402811 staff of enlightenment
if-403029 templar shield wood
  Medium RFB Holsters
  Small RFB holsters
  all left handed haste, king, and victory holsters
  Epic Effects Contact Lenses (New suppliers are being looked into)

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