Epic Armoury Expands

For quite some time now, we have had an ambition of bringing the Iron Fortress, the company that owns Epic Armoury and dsitributes it amoung other brands, products closer to LARPers and the businesses that foster them in the Americas. To be able to service everyone with our broad range of products, availability, and know how, is our main goal, and we have named it Iron Fortress North America.

Many people already know Patrick Penning from Epic Armoury Unlimited (the North American Epic Armoury distributor) and we are happy to announce he is the new VP of IFNA. Patrick is a passionate LARPer and dedicated to giving Americans & Canadians the best service that any Epic Armoury reseller could ask for.

We are already supplying some orders to the North American LARP scene from our new warehouse, but until we are properly set up, this will be a combined effort between our European and North American warehouses. We are really looking forward to being able to serve all our North American small and midsized resellers in 2021, and hope to meet those needs with a ew Iron Fortress B2B website, showing the inventory level in the North America warehouse, as well as ensuring sufficient stock levels in the North American warehouse to properly serve resellers.

For those who have stumbled upon the Epic Armoury Australia page accidentally whilst trying to find a LARP distributor please feel free to apply for an account at www.ironfortress.com and ask us any questions you might have. 

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