Improvements with a bow on top

Our Ready for Battle range is a great way to get kids into LARPing, and great value on the hip pocket. But if we're being entirely honest, the RFB range is cheaper than our other ranges, and in order to do deliver those cheaper prices we use materials that are not as durable or as decorative as our regular range.

When it comes to our LARP Archery range we manage to deliver those cost savings by not sanding down the bow when they're done. In fact, the RFB and Squire bows are the same products, it's just that we put a gorgeous suede wrap around it. However, as the RFB bow could use some finishing off, and we even mention that in the product description. 

We've had a number of archers tell us that they love the simplicity of the RFB bow, but hate the time investment of having to sand and lacquer it themselves. We've done a little bit of costing and figure that yes, we can do that for you directly. So as of 2019 Epic Armoury Australia will be offering the RFB bows pre-finished (see products below and pre-order one!) for those that want it, as well as unfinished for those that want to save their money.

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