Pace of Incoming Stock in 2021

Hey LARParinos!

In this new-normal world of ours the costs of shipping have gone up and are looking to stay that way.
Rather than passing on those costs to you, we're looking to cut costs on our incoming shipments by ordering larger orders less frequently.
We're looking to place an order every other month this year instead of monthly, but this does mean a longer turn around for items that are not currently in stock with us. Longer again if they're not in stock at the head office in Denmark.

No one knows what items you want better than you do. But often times one finds oneself unable to afford a pre-order.

We totally get that.

To ensure we can get in the stock you want, we need to take the guesswork out.
It would really help us if you use the email notification function in our system when things are out of stock. Not only does it mean you know as soon as the product comes back into stock, it actually does tell us how many customers want particular items so we know where to focus our purchasing rather than just buying up heaps of what we think will this season and thereby ensures we'll have plenty of stock of those items you're after.

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