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Prices Set to Rise

As you have surely noticed by now, costs are going up globally for all manner of products. In the hardware store, when buying quality clothes, even your local grocery.

Unfortunately for LARPers, Epic Armoury is not immune from this. Prices have risen for almost all the raw materials that go into constructing the Epic ranges of LARP and medieval gear, from steel to silicone, fibreglass to foam. Increasing transportation costs during the pandemic (fuel price rises, quarantine checks at each border, etc) have also adversely affected costs throughout the supply chain, and that flows right back to our production and distribution costs. Then it takes a second bite as the products are distributed around the world, particularly here in Australia with our stringent quarantine processes on incoming goods.

With head office in Denmark having looked at other suppliers, we are confident in stating we are already producing Epic Armoury products as cheaply as we can without compromising the quality we demand of our brands. 

For the past few years Epic Armoury's manufacturing arm, The Iron Fortress, has been absorbing as much of these rising prices as possible to prevent the increased costs rippling through the global market and affecting the sale of LARP gear, with local price rises being due solely to a weakening Australian dollar against the Euro. But as this is no longer sustainable at a manufacturing level, we are sad to say we will need to increase prices again by the New Year as that is when new prices will affect Australian landed stock, so make sure to get your orders in sooner rather than later.

We thank you for your understanding. 

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