Pricing Changes

As most of us are acutely aware, 2020 has not been the best year for Australia - both the extensive bush fires and COVID-19 have put a strain on our nation, both an emotional toll and economic toll.

Very few LARP products are manufactured in Australia, and we are no exception. If you follow the currency markets or watch the financial news, you will have noticed a sharp drop in the Australian dollar against many currencies in the last 2 weeks in particular, including the Euro, United States Dollar and Canadian Dollar.

  Jan 30 Today
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We are also facing increased delays with customs and quarantine of deliveries - deliveries are still coming in, just much slower than anticipated. As almost all products we sell are purchased in Euros from Epic Armoury International's warehouse in Denmark, our prices need to increase to be price comparable in the global market.

We have hesitated in increasing our prices due to the widely fluctuating Australian dollar, but a noticable price increase is inevitable.
Prices will be changing towards the end of this month.

In summary:

Bad news: Out of stock items may be slower to restock than anticipated and our prices will be going up possibly quite a bit in the near future.

Good news: Our prices aren't going up for another week or so, so you can effectively get a very good discount compared to purchasing from overseas sites.

Great news: You can probably now wear your LARP gear around all day in your every day life (apocalypse rules). And social distancing recommendations mean wearing a Plague Doctor's get up or full suit of armour will less likely result in uncomfortable confrontations in the supermarket, like these guys from Sydney's own Battlecry.

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