Repricing of Silicone Maintenance Oil

Unfortunately the cost of processed silicone has been going up globally and nearly doubled in the last 12 months*.

At Epic Armoury Australia we've been absorbing that cost so as to not bring in price shocks, and because we want you to take care of your weapons. We were hoping the price would settle and come back down.
It hasn't, and many large suppliers are now also selectively supplying their larger, industrial customers when it comes to the supply of processed product.
With much frustration we need to tell you it now actually costs us more than $15.95 to bring in those 250ml pump packs. We're going to be raising the price on the maintenance spray slowly so that as of Jan 1st it will be at $24.95, which is the price it needs to be if we're not losing money selling it to our wholesale accounts (please support your local Epic Armoury stockist - it's better for everyone to have healthy local retailers, even if we have it in stock right now on our site).

We will be raising the cost by $1 each week until January, when it will be in line with the $24.95 price. This gives you guys time to pre-order stock at the lower prices before the full cost sinks in.

We do apologise for the inconvenience caused.

*Further information can be read here, but it's pretty dry stuff -
You can also just google "silicone prices 2018" and look at all the industry people freaking out about it on LinkedIn.

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