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Soft EVA Foam - 20x500x1000mm

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Foam for construction of DIY items. This Epic Armoury Soft Foam is one of our DIY products... more
Product information "Soft EVA Foam - 20x500x1000mm"

Foam for construction of DIY items.

This Epic Armoury Soft Foam is one of our DIY products used to create your own Live Action Role Playing weapons, shields, or armour. This particular 20x500x1000mm sheet is soft and especially thick, making it perfect for axes and hammerheads. This product is made from closed-celled foam that does not tear, feels light and durable, and has great memory after being molded.


There are multiple methods to creating a LARP weapon, but here are the basics when using our soft Epic Foam! Carve and heat the foam into your desired shape around its core. Remember to leave a safe amount of foam around the weapon core in order to preserve its safety! When the shape you desire is achieved, dip the weapon into latex and allow to dry between layers for a smooth, protective surface.

Coat your latex equipment with a thin layer of silicone to prevent the surface from drying out, and to prolong the lifespan of your weapon. Always check your weapon for damage before and after each use. Wrap the handle with leather or cloth for a finished look.

Epic Foam Hard = density is ± 90 to 95 kg/m3
Epic Foam Soft = density is 60 kg/m3

Height: 100cm
Width: 50cm
Weight: 580g
Material: EVA
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