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Steel Buckler

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The monstrous undead with a hammer the size of your head has you in his sights, and you’ve... more
Product information "Steel Buckler"

The monstrous undead with a hammer the size of your head has you in his sights, and you’ve found yourself standing without an ally. Your usual tactic involves skirting around the battle, picking your fights strategically. Now there is no time.

You duck beneath the first blow, keeping your Steel Buckler between the hammer and your soft body. You’re faster than the rotting monstrosity, but in your desperation you trip and roll. Again the hammer falls, and you raise up your Steel Buckler to catch the force. Your small shield holds, buying time while your friends finally come to your aid.


Epic Armoury's Steel Buckler is a small, versatile round shield, inspired by skilled swordsmen through history. This 40 cm buckler has a neutral design befitting many character types, sculpted and painted to look like an iron shield, reinforced with a round shield boss in the centre and a cross of studded iron across the face.

Use this Steel Buckler left- or right-handed with the split-leather wrapped punch grip hidden behind the shield boss. The 14 cm handle is secured through hard EVA foam for a reliable and solid grip made to last. Feel confident that this latex shield will withstand the continued abuse of a LARP with regular latex maintenance.


  • Originally developed for Bucellarii, personal armies of rich landowners in the late Roman Empire
  • Particularly popular with light-footed fighters during the Renaissance and Baroque eras
  • Used the Shield Boss--the round, convex piece of material at the centre of the shield--to deflect blows
Material: Leather, EVA, Latex
Height: 40cm
Depth: 10cm
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
Width: 40cm
Weight: 500g
Epic Circle: Sovereign
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