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Hat Samy - Epic Black

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A simple cap to keep a child's hair from getting caught between the pickaxe and the mine's wall... more
Product information "Hat Samy - Epic Black"

A simple cap to keep a child's hair from getting caught between the pickaxe and the mine's wall

It’s your birthday in one week, and you still have so much to bake! This is your biggest birthday yet, and you’ve invited the entire village to join you in celebration. It’s caused you not to leave your kitchen in days, preparing the feast that the party will expect.

You push your stylish Samy Hat away from your face as you mix another batch of batter and prepare yet another cake. Just six more cakes to go, and you may consider yourself half way done. Phew...halflings sure do eat their weight in dessert!


Epic Armoury’s Epic Black Hat Samy is a cap inspired by the popular Venetian style of the 14th- to 15th-centuries--and is a little reminiscent of a proper halfling cook, too! It fits over the top of the head comfortably and is made from black cotton, gathered beneath the folded brim to give it volume. This cap is designed to sit around the top of the forehead, and is specifically for children.

The Hat Samy is a great addition to your child’s costume. It does not need to be secured to the head, but easily sits on its own over the scalp and hair. Match it with the Epic Armoury Samy collection for a full halfling (or neutral medieval) look.


  • This style cap was the headwear of choice for men at the end of the Middle Ages
  • The historical style had flaps that folded down over the ears and back of the head, but were often worn folded up like in this design
Epic Circle: Sovereign
Height: 40cm, 37cm, 43cm
Width: 40cm, 37cm, 43cm
Weight: 40g, 52g, 48g
Material: Cotton Blend
Maintenance: Gentle machine wash - air dry
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