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Air Freight Order for Autumn Quest


We will be placing an extra special order, to be sent by the fastest means we know of, so as to ensure that people have their Quest needs fulfilled. The deadline for this order is:

March 15th, 2019

If you would like your order to be part of that top up, please ensure you indicate this by placing the following line in the comments box when making an order:
Please include this in the Quest Top Up Order


  • Orders placed after this date will not be included.
    If you place an order for an out of stock item after this date it will go into our next regular order.
  • No items over 115cm.
    This really blows out the cost of air freight. So no large bows, two handed weapons, etc.
  • Some items may be out of stock with the supplier at the time of order. If that is the case we will do our best to get in touch with you regarding those items and what you would like to do in regards to a back order or refund.
  • This order is Epic Armoury stock only.

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