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Chieftain Drinking Horn

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A big man requires a big drink from a big horn. Such drinks are often the difference... more
Product information "Chieftain Drinking Horn"

A big man requires a big drink from a big horn.

Such drinks are often the difference between a state of peace or a state of war.


Epic Armoury’s Chieftain Drinking Horn is a drinking vessel designed to hold half a liter of your favourite grog. This genuine horn comes from the Indian water buffalo, and was chosen specifically for its dark colouring. The outside is polished to perfection and engraved with a criss-cross pattern. The inside of the horn is treated for food consumption and longevity using a wax coating.

 Enjoy cool and room temperature liquids in your drinking horn while remaining in character, hiding away the unsightly plastic bottles. Our drinking horns are a great addition to feasts and war meetings. Use it like any other cup (remember to drink with the point of the horn rotated to the left or’ll thank us) and keep it from spilling by resting it in a leather frog on your belt or in the wrought iron horn stand that comes with this purchase. With the proper care, you can expect your Chieftain Drinking Horn to last many long years.



To clean, place in warm soapy water, and brush gently with a bottle brush. With use, the wax may begin to peel back from the wall naturally. It can easily be re-adhered by adding more wax. Purchase a block of pure bees wax and gently melt it onto the affected area, thumbing the area closed and sealed again.

Cracks in horn may be fixed with the application of dish-washer safe "ModPodge", available on request at your local Spotlight or craft store.

Do not use for hot beverages. Do not use for alcoholic beverages higher than 20% ABV. Do not place in boiling liquid or put boiling liquid inside horn. Do not drop. Consume contents responsibly.

Epic Circle: Stalwart
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