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Outrider Greaves

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Ride on riders of the North, ride on to battle, ride on to glory The polyurethane foam... more
Product information "Outrider Greaves"

Ride on riders of the North, ride on to battle, ride on to glory

The polyurethane foam Outrider Greaves from Epic Armoury is all about combat efficiency. This set of greaves is painted to look like real steel and is accentuated by black leather plates. These fantasy greaves are designed to provide armor protection to the lower legs. Our lightweight Larp greaves possess knee guards and are equipped with thick leather straps for a quick, easy fit. Rogues will appreciate them for their weight and flexibility, and fighters will recognize them for their protection and durability in harsh combat. Polyurethane armor will not rot or rust and will increase your character's stamina in battle.

Epic Circle: Defiant
Height: 44cm
Width: 12cm
Weight: 750g
Material: High Density Polyurethane
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