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Five Years Strong

Here's some Epic history for you: Five years ago today we introduced you to the Stronghold range.

And to celebrate we're doing 10% OFF ALL Stronghold items* for a week, starting on Friday!

The mission behind these was to create a great looking weapon that was going to be safe no matter what level of combat your LARP played at.

We reconceptualised how we made weapons from the ground up. Gone were the circular cores and hand cut EVA foam layers, held together with glue and latex. That might have been peak performance in the 90s, but you don't stay Epic if you don't keep going on. So we pushed the boundaries on material tech further. Utilising a revolutionary, proprietary foam we developed for strength and elasticity, and changing the very shape of the cores we launched Stronghold on the LARP market with an initial seven designs 5 years ago today.

In that time we've sold well over a thousand Strongholds...

... and only had seven warranty returns ?

It also looks like you guys like the Bastard design the most, outselling even the combined elven designs in 2:5 the time.
With such a glorious path, we want to make the future of this line even more Epic.

Let us know what you'd like see us try to make next.

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