Going to a Festival LARP? We hear it's inTENTs

Hello Adventurers!

Epic Armoury is proud to announce we are reintroducing medieval-style tents to our range!

Check them out here - https://epicarmoury.com.au/camping/

Exiting features of these tents that are included in the price are:

  • Separate sections in their own bags so the weight and size isn't unweildy during transport
  • A range of new colour and style options
  • The relevant poles
  • Hand forged, period suitable iron pegs
  • Storage bags 
  • Epic Armoury's epic warranty

We've also been working on something that's going to make these stand out from the competition.
Our Epic tents will have the option of coming with Epic Compact Tent Poles that fold down to make them a max of 1m long for easy transport in even the most economical models of cars.

There will however be a bit of a wait whilst production catches up.

We are now taking pre-orders for an estimated June 2022 delivery.
To place a pre-order a minimum 20% deposit required, although you may purchase them outright upfront. All pre-ordered tents will be upgraded to the Epic Poles at no additional charge.
If you'd like to place a deposit on a tent order, hit us up via the contact page here - https://epicarmoury.com.au/contact


Check them out here - https://epicarmoury.com.au/camping/


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