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Mask Cloute

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Fittings:Adjustable Elastical Band
Weight:77 grams / 2,72 oz
Visor Length:31,0 cm
Visor Width:24,0 cm

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The earliest surviving records of the masked prisoner are from late July 1669, when Louis XIV's... more
Product information "Mask Cloute"

The earliest surviving records of the masked prisoner are from late July 1669, when Louis XIV's minister, the Marquis de Louvois, sent a letter to Bénigne Dauvergne de Saint-Mars, governor of the prison of Pignerol, which at the time was part of France. In his letter, Louvois informed Saint-Mars that a prisoner named "Eustache Dauger" was due to arrive in the next month or so.

Louis XIV instructed Saint-Mars to prepare a cell with multiple doors, one closing upon the other, which were to prevent anyone from the outside listening in. Saint-Mars was to see Dauger only once a day to provide food and whatever else he needed. Dauger was to be told that if he, Dauger, spoke of anything other than his immediate needs he would be killed, but, according to Louvois, the prisoner should not require much since he was "only a valet".



If you are looking for a dark and mystic costume for Cosplay, a Halloween party or a LARP character, Mask Cloute is a great less expensive alternative to a metal made mask. Designed by Atelier Fantastic’Art and made from thick 100% natural high-quality latex making it strong and durable, this high-fantasy mask is for those who are looking to stand out.

Sculpted and hand-painted in a dark steel colour with details like studs and a mouth grid, it appears realistically like metal. The mask covers the whole face--including over the chin--with roomy holes around the eyes and nose for comfort. Fastened at the back with a broad and sturdy elastic band and a bow tie buckle, the size fits all. Perfect for the mysterious person, who needs to disguise his identity or hide his leprous face. We suggest styling the mask with one of Epic Armoury’s hoods or hooded robes, for example Cowl Altair, for an extra uncanny look!


  • An unidentified prisoner, who always wore an iron mask, was held in custody for a period of 34 years, during the reign of French King Louis XIV
  • The French word “clouté” means “studded” in English
Epic Circle: Stygian
Height: 21cm
Width: 24cm
Weight: 80g
Material: Latex
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results, Clean with warm, soapy water. Pat dry.
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