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Benedict Robe

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The Benedictine Monks would often travel from village to village, attempting to show villagers... more
Product information "Benedict Robe"

The Benedictine Monks would often travel from village to village, attempting to show villagers the futility of violence and harming others, but harming themselves, as demonstrated in this historical reenactment:

These flowing and voluminous robes are made from a high quality and nicely textured cotton, sure to keep you warm and ward off ill humours.
Due to the flowing size of these robes, the small will easily contain someone smaller, the medium will fit someone large, and the large is really more of an XL (which is 40 for those that don't speak Latin).

The smell of disease is rancid in the streets, but you are the Plague Doctor. All you smell are the fresh lemon balm and rose hips in your mask, protecting you from the lethal miasma of the dying.

You wear a mask, leather gloves, and your Benedict Robe as your protection from the dangers of the world's illness, shielding you just as a knight's armour protects him from a fatal strike. To everyone else, you are a symbol of knowledge and healing...but also the harbinger of death. Looking into the blackness of your mask's eyes feels like exposing one's soul, and so even your patients harbor fear at your presence.


Epic Armoury’s Robe Benedict is an all-purpose robe made from textured cotton and secured below the neck with a cotton tie-string through a soft-leather plate. Whether it is worn open or closed, this versatile long-sleeved robe is an essential when adding layers to almost any character’s costume. The robe’s hood, roomy sleeves and length combine ease of movement with the best degree of protection from wind, rain or sun. Made from cotton, this robe is easily made waterproof.

The Robe Benedict is a classic cut and will be usable by any character in any game world, allowing freedom when customizing equipment for your characters.


  • “Robe” is derived from Middle English robe (“garment”)
  • Traditionally used as a form of religious dress by monks and certain priests
  • Worn in traditional fantasy literature by magical characters
Epic Circle: Defiant, Ethereal
Height: 148cm, 138cm, 143cm
Width: 112cm, 124cm, 139cm
Weight: 1450g, 1550g, 1350g
Material: Cotton
Maintenance: Delicates wash only. Do not tumble dry.
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