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Monkey Wrench

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What have we done with innocence? It disappeared with time, it never made much sense... more
Product information "Monkey Wrench"

What have we done with innocence?
It disappeared with time, it never made much sense
Adolescent resident
Wasting another night on planning my revenge

- Foo Fighters, Monkey Wrench

We Can Fix That

Epic Armoury’s Green Monkey Wrench is a 50 cm tool designed to imitate an adjustable wrench typically found in any old workshop. Made with materials that are safe for your next live action roleplay (LARP) game, keep this Monkey Wrench at your side when fighting in the post-apocalypse. After all, just about anything can be used as a weapon against the walking dead! This wrench is a great option thanks to its convenient size and shape.

The Monkey Wrench has a 24 cm grip, painted green with rust spots, and a 25 cm head with a metal-like finish. It is sculpted from EVA foam around a 6 mm solid fibreglass rod core, and is coated with a strong layer of flexible latex to prevent it from shredding--and to give it a smooth, glossy surface! The wrench’s jaw is not actually adjustable, but it includes fine details to give the impression that it is, reinforced to keep the head of the wrench intact despite heavy use. Since it might be the only thing standing between you and your enemy, we figured you’d want this wrench to be a reliable and effective ally.

A Mechanic’s Tool

  • This LARP weapon actually resembles a pipe wrench, a common mix-up made by non-tradespeople
  • We love the term for a ‘monkey wrench,’ and learning about fun hoaxes regarding how it actually got its name
  • Monkey wrenches are also called gas grips in the UK
Epic Circle: Dark Moon
Height: 50cm
Width: 10cm
Weight: 100g
Material: EVA, Latex
Maintenance: Treat with Silicone Maintenance Spray after each use for best results
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