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Dark Elf Bone Bracer - Left

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When you fear a battle at any moment, you seldomly travel anywhere without your armour.... more
Product information "Dark Elf Bone Bracer - Left"

When you fear a battle at any moment, you seldomly travel anywhere without your armour. Poisonous and spined creatures and weapons are common, and that’s why you have your Dark Elf Left Arm Bracer to protect your exposed left arm.

The dark leather and functional design make this arm protection an essential survival piece in the underdark, and you would not go without it.


Epic Armoury’s Dark Elf Left Arm Bracer is a heavy-duty, black leather gauntlet designed to protect the exposed hands to the upper-arms. Made from overlapping leather plates, this unique piece features a runed stone-like wristguard and a spined ridge armguard. All elements are stitched around the edges to add structure and prevent deformation.

Secure this gauntlet to your hand by sliding it through the leather straps attached to the hand shield. The cuff is secured with two soft leather straps that wrap over the hard shell and around the forearm and wrist.

Fearsome to behold and designed to appear sharp and deadly, use this armour with an assortment of secretive and dangerous characters. It can be worn with Epic Armoury’s matching Dark Elf armours or on its own.

Please note that this gauntlet is designed for left-hand use.


  • Hand protection is one of the oldest forms of armour, due to its importance in combat
  • This particular style might also be referred to as a “demi-gauntlet,” due to its limited finger protection
Epic Circle: Stygian
Height: 37cm
Width: 18cm
Weight: 375g
Material: Leather
Maintenance: Increase longevity by regularly using a quality leather wax. Spot clean with leather soap, following directions.
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